In 2013-2014 Sony And Other Manufacturers Announced Add-on Camera Modules For Smart Phones Called Lens-style Cameras.

A.ell phone is an duplex device. However, Motorola was the first to incorporate the technology into portable device that was designed for outside of a auto mobile use. The camera phone, like many complex systems, is the result of converging and enabling technologies. In 2013-2014 Sony and other manufacturers announced add-on camera modules for smart phones called lens-style cameras. The seven-minute film was shot entirely on the phone’s 720p camera. Content-based image analysis is used to recognize physical objects such as advertisement posters 39 to provide information about the object. “These trendsetter are key to make any product popular.” The Nokia N8 smart phone is the first Nokia smart phone with a 12- mega pixel autofocus lens, and is one of the few camera phones the first was Nokia N82 to feature Carl Weiss optics with xenon flash . signal boosterLyn Dr., James J. The technology has gone from basic talking to accessing the internet, taking photos and videos, to even scanning bar codes. An April 2012 survey finds that some 70% of all cell phone owners and 86% of smart phone owners have used their phones in the previous 30 days to perform at least one of the following activities: Coordinate a meeting or get-together — 41% of cell phone owners have done this in the past 30 days. Mikulski, Charles N.


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